Pssst! I Know Your Secret

Secrets. Such funny little things. Everyone has them, right? They are innocent and they are fun, right? But are they really innocent and fun like they seem on the surface? This mom will tell you they most definitely are NOT good and we definitely do not encourage secrets in this house. You might be thinking,…… Continue reading Pssst! I Know Your Secret


Who needs a snowman when you can have a snowgirl?

Just My Opinion

So I’m not a fan of trying new things because I hate wasting money but being first restricted on water and then completely out for several days had me desperate enough to try something new and so I decided to try this little PalmPerfect shaver. I picked it up at Walmart for less than $10.…… Continue reading Just My Opinion

Snow + Sunset

Beach sunsets are great but Arkansas ones are great too! #arkansas

Convicted Again

So last night while laying in bed, I was thinking about my blog and wondering if I’ve got it set up correctly and running through my stuff in my mind. That’s when I thought about something I typed: Wife. Mother of 3. Child of God. Those all sound like good things, right? And they are…… Continue reading Convicted Again

Snow To Panic

So last week, everyone rushed out in a panic to buy up the milk and bread because of the bad weather coming in. I typically am slow to panic about such things because our weather ever actually gets too bad around here. I’ve got a freezer full of food, bread, milk, peanut butter, and a…… Continue reading Snow To Panic

Long Hair & DOES Care

I was blessed to receive so many wonderful things for Christmas but this one really got me. Shampoo and Conditioner for Christmas? Strange… or wonderful? Absolutely wonderful! You see, I have long hair. I don’t mean it’s just past my shoulder or the middle of my back- I mean past my bottom kind of long.…… Continue reading Long Hair & DOES Care

Good Night?

Hello, I am new here. This is my first post. I am trying to figure this out and hope you are all patient with my attempts.